ER UV ultraviolet Purification Systems
UV Logic Series


ERUV Logic Series purification systems are low cost, easy to use, and an extremely effective alternative to chlorine and ozone for purifying drinking water, product and process water, and other liquids from bacteria, mould, viruses, and algae in commercial, industrial, institutional, and communal drinking water applications.

How they work

Ultraviolet (UV) systems work by exposing suspended micro-organisms to lethal ultraviolet rays (at 254 nm) that alter the DNA make-up of the organisms and prevent them from reproducing, effectively killing the microbes and purifying the water or liquid. UV rays have no effect on humans and leave no after-effects in the disinfected water or liquid, unlike chemical disinfection, while they destroy most micro-organisms.

Whether you require microbe-free water, reduced or non-existent residual ozone levels in your water purification processes, or TOC levels below 1.5 parts per billion (ppb) in your ultra-pure water loop, you can depend on ERUV Logic systems to produce consistently exceptional results, reliably and cost effectively.

New lamp technology

Compared with conventional UV products, UVLogic systems use fewer lamps to generate a given UV performance level, a function of the powerful new UV lamp technology. This design provides the benefits of a smaller footprint, simplified maintenance, and lower operating costs.

UV Logic Series advantages

  • Low capital and operating cost.
  • New technology provides up to 30% higher performance.
  • No chemicals are needed or added to the water. No chemical by-products are created! No danger of chemical overdosing!
  • Water is available for use as soon as it leaves the purifier. No contact storage tank required.
  • Compact and easy to install.
  • Easy to maintain, all maintenance from one end.
  • Long lamp life - 9000 hours, approximately one year.
  • UV-output > 30.000 W/ sec./ cm2.
  • 5-year Stainless Steel chamber guarantee, 1-year components guarantee.

UV Logic Series features

  • A 316L Stainless Steel reactor chamber.
  • Individual UV Lamp status monitoring & lamp failure alarm.
  • Total elapsed operating time of the UV system, with lamp replacement alarm.
  • Power on/off counter tracks system cycles.


  • Manual or automated quartz sleeve cleaning system
  • UV intensity monitoring system
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Other DN flange sizes, or sanitary fittings available
  • 304 or 316 Stainless steel control panel
  • Special UV chamber finish (for high purity applications)
  • Remote control features (on/off, 4-20mA monitoring)

Applications include

Food and Beverage Drinking and Bottled Water Bio-Pharmaceutical
Semiconductor Cooling Towers Aquaculture Swimming Pools
Automotive Industry Water Re-use Applications